Sports at NPS- Helps in Developing Body and the Brain

Sports at NPS- Helps in Developing Body and the Brain


As goes the old saying, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, we all see that playing is an essential part of the complete development of a child’s body and brain. Sport is a great way for children to develop physical skills and mental skills which are considered beneficial throughout their lives. Sports deliver not only physical benefits but also social and emotional benefits to children. Playing is the best medium to keep children energetic and healthy besides enhancing their mental, physical, and emotional development for the upcoming stages of their life.

Here are the benefits of playing regularly

  • Healthy Mindset: Children are involved in numerous activities like running, responding to game rules, connecting with their playmates, and much more. These actions activate their cognitive, communication, and emotional quotient.
  • Fit Body: Playing definitely includes a lot of physical activity while running, stretching their body, jumping, and engaging with the things around them.
  • Secretion of Positive Hormones: While kids are engaged in playing the hypothalamus and pituitary gland secretes a hormone known as Endorphins. These hormones relieve children from anxiety and fear.
  • Learn things on their own: Playing enhances the reasoning and cognitive skills of kids as they build new playing ideas on their own. This self-learning process helps in the transformation process of the brain and helps them in handling their emotions in the future.
  • High Focus and Time Management Skills: Playing cultivates two more qualities in kids. Concentration and time management assist children to reach their full potential and realize their goals. These activities also instill skills of multi-tasking.

Below are some of the excellent sports facilities that we offer at NPS, Varthur We offer world-class sports facilities to keep our students engaged and physically fit.

Gymnasium Gymnastics is seen as an indoor sport that develops several physical characteristics including strength, sequence, balance, and flexibility. We have all modern equipment’s in a magnificent and humongous area for practicing gymnastics.
Basketball Being one of the most popular sports in schools, we have a dedicated basketball coach and a well-equipped sports area to help the budding players in every way we can.