The Importance of Asking Questions

The Importance of Asking Questions in A Classroom: WHY, HOW and WHAT


Children are known to be infinitely curious and want to know the world around them, how it works, where it comes from etc. Questioning is at the origin of all learning and innovation and this enlightens young minds with knowledge. Asking questions is an essential factor for a strong learning process, thus the culture of asking questions must be encouraged in schools.

Most of the time students are hesitant to ask questions due to reasons like shyness, fear of their peers, fear of being judged, fear of appearing foolish, etc. The schools must provide an atmosphere to get rid of such inhibitions. Encouraging questioning helps in processing the information and encourages independent and critical thinking.

The importance of asking questions

Confidence-booster: Raising a hand to ask a question in the classroom can be frightening, but asking questions often will increase confidence. Like everything else, even this characteristic can be mastered with practice. Asking questions can lead to a healthier exploration of the subject and this can lead to much-improved learning

Breaks the Monotony and Increases Engagement: It is very unexciting and boring when the teacher is the only one speaking and the students fail to respond. Questions and answers have the capability to break the ice and craft things more appealing by raising curiosity to create a medium for a healthy learning environment.

Questions Make Room for More Questions: Every question leads to another question by providing a platform for discussion and information-sharing. Asking questions increases the curiosity and the more curious you are, the more you are willing to seek and increase your horizons of learning. It helps in building an environment where students enthusiastically involve themselves in classroom activities.
Strengthens the Learning Process: When the student asks questions, it shows his/her interest in the subject. Asking questions helps in developing critical thinking. Also, it is normal to not understand something right away after being taught, but not clearing that doubt forever or depriving yourself of knowledge just because you do not want to ask a question is not right. Asking questions will strengthen the learning process and help the student to ace in academic life.
Feedback to Teachers: When a student asks questions, the teachers get to know where they stand or how much they have understood. When the student does not ask questions, teachers assume that the students have understood what was being taught.
National Public School, Varthur which is one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore encourages “Inquiring Minds”. We encourage students to ask questions that help them to think, inquire, act and reflect. The students are welcome to ask questions without being worried that their questions are silly or unimportant. Our teachers help students to enlarge their view of the world and to gather knowledge that will ultimately make the world a better place to inhabit