Activities That Will Encourage Curiosity in Kids

Activities That Will Encourage Curiosity in Kids


One essential aspect of a child growing up is his/her curiosity. Kids are curious by default –this drives most of their initial behavior. Parents may at times feel overwhelmed by the questions their children ask. But curiosity plays an important role in how they grow up and how their personality develops. If directed in the correct direction, curiosity can certainly influence the lives of your children in a great manner. Children explore many new things in their early years, and this means that they will have as many perceptions and experiences as possible when they are growing up. Therefore, what motivates this sense of curiosity?

Activities to raise and motivate curiosity in kids
Here are curiosity-sparking activities you can boost curiosity in kids to do:

Read Stories
Spend time reading stories about real people who did incredible things. You may also discover videos of such real people doing their thing around the internet. Most early childhood inquisitive mind only contains fictional characters, it is good to read true inspiring stories of greatness that happened throughout history. 

Introduce Curiosity Kits
Pick them up a box comprising materials related to a particular topic of an inquiring mind, such as plants, rocks, or creatures. You can narrow down the attention of your child’s inquiring minds from those themes and make it easier for you to pick which piece goes into the curiosity box. Ask your child what their interests are – it could be that they have a bird or animal that they love. Few things might also give you hints about what kind of things might pique their interest, such as colors, shapes, and textures.

Play Word Games
Find a simple game that you can play with your child to boost linguistic development, augment their vocabulary, and kindle inquiring minds. Expose them to different new words, as this can open up their minds and broaden their learning skills too.

Encourage Curiosity about Nature
Encouraging curiosity about nature will make kids wonder how things like plants grow, why birds are colorful, how insects take care of themselves etc. This may perhaps cause children curious about what they can do to support their environment by helping them kindle inquiring minds.

Kid-friendly Science Activities
Fun and easy science activities for kids will encourage them to ask questions, think critically, experiment, explain their reasoning skills. When there is some fun involved in learning, they will be eager and get wholly involved in the process. This will enhance a child’s curiosity to learn through play.

Travel Around
Traveling is one of the best exciting ways to gather knowledge. By revealing your child to traveling at an early age, you could develop their horizons and make them more curious about new cultures.

Wrapping Up
Curious children are more attentive and open to knowledge. Engaging in and supporting your child’s exploration can help to nurture curiosity. We at National Public School, Varthur follow many ways of encouraging curiosity in children by engaging them in activities that ensure their overall development.