Indian Values! International Education!

A school with a curriculum that is both intellectually stimulating and full of fun sports activities. To put your mind at ease, here are some often of the FAQ’s

Certain F.A.Q’s to put your mind at rest:

A holistic approach to education is concerned with a child’s whole development. By involving students in the teaching and learning process, it puts an emphasis on individual and group responsibility.

Group exercises bring energy to the classrooms. Children learn theories and concepts through project-based learning. The creative, thematic, and inter-disciplinary approach have inspired the student’s; enthusiasm for the subject. The question papers are thematic and do not permit parental assistance or rote memorization.

It’s a diverse mix of academic and non-academic activities that expose the children to our culture and history. It is a CBSE curriculum that uses an international interactive teaching method.

The founder principal and the core team are carefully chosen, and we will maintain a low attrition rate compared to other schools by providing quality education, partnering globally with the United Kingdom for the QCT programme, and obtaining affiliations, certifications, and training that will give the school a solid foundation and a brand. We will undoubtedly carve out a niche in this silicon city.

We follow a play-based and child-centric curriculum. Indian culture and values are being built from the ground up. A curriculum that includes both academic and sports.

Even though there is a school next door, the children are enrolled with us because we believe in fulfilling our fundamental beliefs and missions. Our key strength is the continuity of our teaching staff, which has been with the institution since its establishment. We believe in providing the best environment for our employees. The school offers international amenities for an affordable fee. Our goal is to communicate with the masses.
We believe in providing everyone with a world-class education.