Technology in Pre-Primary Education

The Role of Technology in Pre-primary Years of Education


Young children in pre-school are most curious and receptive during this first developmental stage, when their capacity for understanding and drive to explore is at its peak. They start the process of looking into and making inquiries about different topics. The use of technology and digitization enhances Pre-Primary school children’s learning experience during the inquisitive stage of early infancy.

The meeting point between education and technology

Young people can express and absorb ideas on a fantastic platform made possible by technology. This creates an atmosphere that is favorable for advancing mental and physical health as well as stimulating creative and inventive learning opportunities. Children now find learning to be entertaining and captivating because to interactive media platforms and technological tools. Learning is enhanced by this, becoming more enjoyable and intriguing.

Thanks to technology improvements, pre-primary teachers can now make use of interactive and multi-touch platforms designed to improve the learning experience of even the youngest kids. Additionally, it encourages children to interact and collaborate with their peers.

Technology has unquestionably had a positive impact on children’s growth and information acquisition. Teachers can now more easily access innovative and dynamic teaching strategies thanks to technology, which promotes student engagement and creativity. Additionally, it creates a kind and encouraging environment for the children.

The intersection between technology and teachers

Surveys have been undertaken to examine the use of technology in pre-primary classes. The findings indicate that a significant majority of instructors have included technology into their teaching approaches, leading to highly favorable results. Based on the study results, over 90% of pre-primary instructors achieved a comprehensive understanding of the subjects when they utilized technology for the betterment of their children.

Technology enables preschool-aged children to engage with and access a vast amount of information through audiovisual media and various digital and interactive platforms. The CBSE framework encourages and supports the use of technology for comprehensive learning.

The phenomenon of young toddlers acquiring basic nursery rhymes through their parents’ mobile devices is widely recognized. This phenomenon takes place prior to the commencement of formal education for children. Utilizing technology in an appropriate manner can boost the growth and learning of young children. This also affords them with appropriate exposure to the phases of growth that they are presently undergoing.


NPS Varthur, located in Bangalore, prioritizes fulfilling the educational needs of children in their pre-primary years. Their employment of many mediums, encompassing digital resources and technology, enhances the facilitation of comprehensive learning.

Nevertheless, education should not be confined just to the materials commonly available in academic environments. Therefore, integrating educational content with entertaining elements can greatly enhance a young person’s learning experience.