NPS, Varthur is fully-equipped with labs, where children see live specimens and interpret their observations in labs that are fully-equipped. Teachers and lab assistants who have a lot of experience make it easier for students to learn and teach.

Smart Class Rooms

NPS is committed to integrated pedagogy, and our classrooms are created attractively. Multiple instructional tools are used by educators. Our classrooms are well-equipped with current technology and multimedia materials.


Recognizing that a library is a repository of knowledge, the school has provided pupils with  a library architecture that is favourable to learning, enhanced communication, and engagement. Our school library, a treasure trove of knowledge, is equipped with cutting-edge technology to give students a space to study, think, and exchange ideas.

Science Labs

At NPS, Varthur, we think that Nobel laureates are not produced in massive research institutes, but in little school laboratories. Students are able to investigate, conduct experiments, and draw their own conclusions in our laboratories, bringing learning to life. During lab sessions, we ensure that our students have access to all the necessary equipment for practical practice.

Mathematics Lab

To facilitate practice-based learning, we have supplied our pupils with a fully-equipped mathematics lab. Here, students can get the study materials necessary to conduct various mathematics experiments.

The purpose of the mathematics laboratory is to teach students about various methods and to bridge the gap between the actual and abstract worlds. Their reasoning, logical thinking, and concept connection abilities improve with each lab session.

Computer Lab

Information technology has permeated every aspect of society. With a fully-equipped computer lab, we introduce students to computer instruction at an early age. We have professors who are qualified to help students look for information, make multimedia presentations, do project work, and come up with creative ways to present the information they’ve found after a thorough search of different sources.

Robotics Lab

Incorporating robotics into our curriculum satisfies the demand for contemporary learning environments in which our future leaders must be technologically savvy and can improve their talents, such as invention, cooperation, teamwork, and self-confidence. Through collaborative, hands-on lessons in science, technology, and math, we try to help students understand these subjects better.
Through experimental challenges, the NPS – Robotics lab encourages a question-based approach to learning that lets students use their imagination.

Outdoor Play Area

We think that play helps the growth and learning of children in every way. In fact, it is a child’s window to the outside world and gives them the social, intellectual, physical, and emotional skills they need to do well in school and in life.
The inclusion of play in the required proportion to academics meets the primary purpose of fostering creativity and critical thinking in students. In order to achieve this, NPS provides students with both indoor and outdoor sports arenas to experience importance of sports.