Sports and Academics – A Holistic Development

Sports and Academics – A Holistic Development


The age old saying “A sound mind in a sound body” holds true till date. Sports and physical education have time and again reflected better performances in academics. As much as academia is pivotal to holistic education, physical education and extracurricular activities have their share of supreme importance in a child’s growth.

Sports and Education

Physical activities have profound impacts on a student’s education. It cultivates in them, a sense of confidence, patience, compassion and aligns their morale with their teachings. Striking a perfect balance between books and playground translates into a healthy, happy and content student life. Besides accelerating and enhancing concentration levels and memory retention amongst students, sports acquaints children with demonstrative learning of basic, fundamental scientific theories in practicality.

Since sports is social in nature, the students involved in sports tend to have better interpersonal skills. They are better able to interact with fellow students and their teachers. This translates into better academics, thereby contributing to overall growth of the students. Researchers have time and again validated that students who associate themselves with a sport in their elementary years and continued it in their high school have shown increased performances in academics, as compared to their peers who had no involvement in physical education

A good student does not merely have star grades and gold medals but also possesses a high morale with a sense of social judgment and sound temperament. All this is possible through values inculcated on field and competitions. A balanced approach towards academics and physical education is necessary for a student’s education. A school’s sport-friendly environment is extremely effective when it comes to a proportional development of a child between academics and physical education.

CBSE and Sports

A refined development of the child is possible with a healthy blend of sports and academics. The CBSE board acknowledges this and has been ever so encouraging with regard to sports and physical education. It lays much emphasis on the holistic approach of students and has therefore mandated a compulsory physical education hour every day. The CBSE board has introduced the Chacha Nehru Sports Award to encourage students to participate in sports and the board also has special provisions for students who represent the country in international sporting events.

NPS Varthur asserts on the idea that education is a fair share of sports and academics and therefore we emphasize equally on both sports and education. For this, we have sufficient amenities which include football, basketball, taekwondo, skating, yoga and meditation. We also have a specially designed play area with a sandpit, a play gym and so on, which will entertain and attract our younger students to come to school every day from their pre-primary years.