How to deal with your child’s learning disabilities?

How to deal with your child’s learning disabilities?


Learning disabilities in children are no more weaknesses. As parents, it’s time to help our kids to overcome learning disabilities. Positive reinforcement can sure be helping our children to successfully defeat the problems of learning. Our support and encouragement bring confidence in them and pushes to be more self-sufficient. Dealing with the learning disabilities of children isn’t just about focusing on the cure but we need to give social and emotional support to the child while going through the tough days. When it comes to child’s learning disabilities, we need to look into the big picture. Facing those challenges and overcoming these hurdles in a long run will help your child to be more confident, strong, and resilient. Always remember there might be a huge impact on self-help skills, discipline, communication, play, and self-independence of children if this disability isn’t treated early. Give importance to child’s strengths and try to enhance their self-esteem and support them to become an integral part of your family. Bring in some positive attitude with hope and confidence in your child to improve and make things eventually successful.

Here are a few tips for dealing learning disabilities of your child

Early Learning
Learning occurs rapidly from early childhood days. Parents should start teaching their children informally, we must encourage them to notice their surroundings and guide them on social skills like appropriate behavior and manners. Teaching some self-help skills like such as dressing, buttoning, and tying. Also, some early learning skills like reciting alphabets, coloring, copying letters, writing simple messages, and games. Engaging in these activities helps them train in social interactions and simulates crucial learning in them. Including these activities in the daily routine might be helpful to gradually reduce problems of learning abilities in children.

Provide Guidance and Support
Children with learning disabilities will need careful instruction and guidance to master the skills and overcome the disability with more courage and confidence. Start with simple activities, introduce some exercise like backward or reverse climbing by encouraging their visual-motor skills.
Focus on their time estimation and careful visual scanning in real-time scenarios.

Intellectual Curiosity
Introduce them to the joy of learning. Foster and encourage excitement in children. Many infants and toddlers are naturally curious and try to explore the objects themselves by trying to move them and turn around. Expose them to your surroundings, take a walk with them and show them around those beautiful trees, ask them to smell flowers, feel the bark and bushes. Talk to them and bring in some curiosity on their observations done by them.

Classify and Categorize Objects
Help your children to group objects together like matching the color, shape numbers, and alphabets. Encourage them to notice differences and similarities between two objects, images, and toys, it enables a critical skill of learning with great observation. As parents, we must help them categorize and conceptualize things by reclassifying objects so that it brings in some critical thinking.

At NPS, we strive hard to build child’s strengths, skills and encourage them to overcome their learning abilities with proper counseling, guidance, and support at all levels. Every child is gifted with perseverance and resilience and we stand in all walks of difficulty and help them overcome the fear and gain all the courage to lead a successful life.