The Role of Technology in Pre-primary Years of Education

The Role of Technology in Pre-primary Years of Education


In the early formative years of pre-schoolers, the sense of grasping and inquisitiveness is at their peak, and so is their level of curiosity and sensitivity.They start to explore and ask questions. In such an inquisitive phase of childhood, exposure to technology and digitization only enhances the learning process of the Pre Primary schoolers.

Technology and Education

Technology is an excellent platform for children to express and absorb ideas. This promotes healthy and creative learning. Technological tools and interactive media platforms have made learning fun and are seemingly entertaining to the children. This makes learning more interesting and enjoyable.

Technological advancement now allows pre primary teachers to incorporate interactive and multi touch platforms, designed to accelerate even the youngest of learners. This also encourages children to participate and collaborate with their fellow classmates.

Undeniably, technology has been playing a positive role in a child’s development and learning. Technology makes it easier for teachers too, to have access to innovative and dynamic learning teaching methods, thereby promoting active and creative learning. This also creates a friendly and conducive atmosphere for the children.

Technology and Teachers

There have been surveys that examined the technical usage in pre primary classrooms and it was found that a vast majority of the teachers incorporated technology in their teachings and the results were competitively positive. One such survey concluded that 90% of the pre primary teachers who accessed technology and used it for the benefit of the students, resulted in students understanding the topics wholly.

Technology allows the pre primary schoolers to explore, absorb and gain the unending amounts of knowledge in the form of audio visual media and other digital and interactive arenas. The CBSE framework encourages and promotes learning with a balanced technological approach.

It is a known phenomenon that even before being a part of a formal school setting, toddlers tend to learn basic nursery jingles via their parent’s phones. Appropriate use of technology helps young children to grow and learn while gaining sufficient exposure of their levels.

NPS Varthur, Bangalore, gives special attention to students of the pre primary years of a child and ensures that there is learning through all mediums including digital resources and technology.

Nevertheless, education cannot only be confined to books and board, therefore, an inclusion of entertainment based learning can do wonders in a child’s journey of learning.