Importance of Club Activities in Schools

Importance of Club Activities in Schools


Clubs at schools enhance learning through interaction and discussion. Every activity carried out by the club will encourage students to cultivate a different perception of life. Students get an opportunity to showcase and groom their talents. Activities conducted in schools not only benefit in shaping their interests and hobbies but also develop their leadership and social skills.

The aim of National Public School, Varthur is to offer holistic education by balancing academics with extracurricular activities. Our syllabus is planned to make learning less stressful for the students without compromising quality. That’s why our schools build various clubs that cater to various interests. We at NPS believe in the importance of club activities for students because of the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Students learn from each other: Whether they are working on the project in a group or separately, each one of them can learn from each other. They gain new insights and also learn the significance of valuing another person’s viewpoint.
  • Students realize the value of unity: Clubs at school build small communities. They entice people who share the same interests such as in music, dance, science, arts, or sports. Club activities assist students to cultivate a sense of unity and working with others in reaching the same goals.
  • Students develop social skills: Clubs facilitate students to meet, mix, and work together with other students from different backgrounds in a diverse environment. They come out of their comfort zone and socialize with other students which are vital in the lives of adolescents.
  • Students become more confident and independent: Clubs offer plenty of opportunities for students to take on leadership roles and show off their talents through different activities. Such initiatives enable the students to discover that they can be productive. This increases their level of confidence and their sense of independence.

Clubs at NPS that help the students to learn new skills and engage in different activities

  • Dance Club: Develop an understanding of different dance forms, expressions, and rhythms. Students learn “Adavu” which forms the ABCs of pure dancing (Nritta) in Bharatanatyam.
  • Science Club: Inculcates scientific approach and delivers opportunities to develop an interest in projects to train students in techniques of innovation and creativity.
  • Math Club: Develops mathematical skills and introduces to a creative way of cracking tricky mathematical problems.
  • Cookery Club: Builds confidence and knowledge about food preparation, cooking, and presenting.
  • Music Club: Encourages students to express themselves through music. Students learn different musical instruments
    and acquire detailed knowledge about the same.
  • Cyber Club: Aims in increasing students’ awareness of computers and their uses in daily life. Students gain
    knowledge of information technology to better prepare to handle information-enabled devices.
  • Art Club: Develops imagination, creative thinking, and self-expression. Students learn new techniques and mediums
    of art through hands-on activities.
  • Heritage Club: Enables students to appreciate and develop respect for the heritage and value diversity. Creates an
    exciting dimension to learning and preserving the rich heritage of our composite culture.

We at NPS, Varthur have introduced new clubs to provide opportunities for students to participate in activities, interact with peers, obtain comprehensive knowledge on areas of their interest in a supervised setting, and form relationships with other students and teachers. These clubs are the platform for students to collaborate, learn and perform confidently and independently.