Why choose CBSE?

Why choose CBSE?


Deciding the perfect board for your child’s education is a crucial decision to make. It is a tough choice to make among education boards like the CBSE, State Board, ICSE, IGCSE, IB and their like. However, the well-received board for a child is undoubtedly the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). In India, there are more than 19,000 CBSE affiliated schools. The CBSE board has a global presence with over 140 affiliated boards spreading across 21 countries.

Why is CBSE Widespread in India?

The reason for such predominant expanse of the board is that CBSE has always envisioned stress-free, liberal education to its students. Its objective is to adapt innovating teaching methods infused with psychological and instructive principles. CBSE is recognized by the Indian Government and by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). It is also affiliated to a large number of Central schools. This serves as an advantage for families that are relocating.

The CBSE Schools in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and other major cities across the country make it easier for the students to find private tutors and coaching centres, contrary to the dearth of private tutors for other boards.

The CBSE Framework – How Constructive is it?

The CBSE framework has always been student-friendly, yet constructive. It conducts two major exams; (AISSE)- All India Secondary School Examination for class 10 and (AISSCE) -All India Senior Certificate Examination for class 12. One of the leading aspects of the CBSE board is that it is programmed in a way that focuses on moulding the students for elite examinations such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT. The CBSE framework has the perfect syllabus to prepare a student for the country’s finest institutions such as AIIMS, IIT/NITs and other reputed and most sought after institutions. This moulding of students starts right from the pre-primary years, as the CBSE board realizes the importance of such competitive exams in a student’s career.

CBSE & 21st Century Learning

Apart from the board being in sync with the competitive exams, it is also convenient and crisp. The subjects are categorically well structured. The other parallel boards may prove to be too much of a predicament to the students or may underestimate their potential but the CBSE board has always been dynamic with its syllabus, thereby creating inquisitive minds for insightful, 21st Century learning. CBSE also advocates conceptual learning among its students and ensures that the students know what they are learning.

Therefore, to ensure that your child’s educational foundation is knowledgeable, student-friendly and perceptive, opting for a CBSE board is certainly a better step towards a healthy career. Not only is it recognized by the Government of India, but it also serves as a rule book for major competitive entrance examinations. There is no other board that stimulates a student’s grey cells as progressively as the Central Board of Secondary Education does.

Why NPS Varthur?

We at NPS Varthur, are inclined towards character building with a child-centric approach. We give importance to every child’s individuality as everyone is unique in their own way and they deserve the utmost respect for what and who they are. NPS Varthur, Bangalore takes into consideration your child’s future wholly, right from the Pre-Primary years of education and provides a wholesome nurturing environment, both academically and otherwise.

Therefore, take heed with your child’s education wisely and choose the right institution for your child’s great future ahead.