FESTIVUS: Fun-Filled Carnival

25th February 2024

New Beginnings, Endless Possibilities!

It was truly a fun day as parents and kids joined us in large numbers at National Public School, Varthur. After an exciting campus tour, the kids had a blast at our fun-filled stalls which involved interactive sports & math, pottery, art and so much more.

Hattennoki’s Math Station, Green Compass, Fevicryl Hobby Ideas, Dough Re’ Mom, Torrins Music Team, In-House Sports Team, Svadhyaya Learning Space, Toolo, Scribble Space and Sunday Bricks actively engaged tiny tots with fun and games. Adorable faces filled with wonder & laughter truly made the day magical!

Thank you for your enthusiasm and active participation in making the event a grand success. We hope you had a great time!

Now take a look at some happy moments from the day!